Delicious Blog Rescue Tool 0.9.2

A Firefox 3 extension by murklins

Aug 8, 2008: Newer version! Fixes a problem with the HTTP request Content-Type header.

Aug 6, 2008: New version! Deals with the immediate problems related to the Delicious 2.0 release, but no interface changes have been made yet to bring it more in line with the revamped Delicious Blog Posting settings page.


If you use the daily blog post feature, you may have noticed that sometimes it doesn't work. Maybe your blog server was down at the crucial time, maybe was down. Whatever the cause, a day's worth of your links never made it to your blog. What to do?

Enter the Delicious Blog Rescue Tool (or Super-d, as I affectionately call it).

New Intructions: Open it from the Firefox Tools menu and fill in your account name and password as well as the date of the missing blog post. Then go to your settings and navigate to the Blog Posting settings page. Copy over your job's settings into the Delicious Blog Rescue Tool window.

Once the settings are filled in, click Make Blog Post. The tool will fetch all your links for the specified date and post them to your blog, just like should have done.

You must be running Firefox 3.0 or later to install this extension.

The deliciousblogrescue project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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